Russian Style Compilation

Phlegmatic Dogs - Static

Phlegmatic Dogs - Keepmastik
(Taiki Nulight Remix)

Kaskade, AC Slater, Phlegmatic Dogs FUN

"Cuatrocats" starts off with ominous pads coupled with some fun sample work that drops into a classic heavy Dogs bassline. The b-side"Bounce" is an energetic roller which is guaranteed to get feet moving, fists pumping and heads nodding."

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Strip the original track's polyrhythms and chants down to a booming kick, smatterings of drum rolls, shuffling, slap-happy hi-hats, woozy synthlines, and snippets of the original vocal. The raucous end result is like Masters at Work on steroids, a raw, garage-flavored rump-shaker tempered by warm, melodic breaks and undertones. It's an infectious distillation of a catchy groove that will make you feel good while you do good.

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Keepmastik (VIP)
The highly anticipated VIP of the smash hit 'Keepmastik' is now available for free download!

Westcoaster EP
Dogs are back with their 3rd Night Bass EP and it's an absolute monster. The Westcoaster EP kicks off with the title track, a road tested smasher with a haunting intro that builds up into one of the most energetic drops we've heard in a while. The flipside "Gotta Move" is more classic dog's peak-hour energy, a heavy and driving bassline on top of a bed of skippy and shuffley drums that will leave people frothing. This is must-have ammo for those big sets.

Rico Tubbs - Chemistry
(Phlegmatic Dogs Remix)
Finnish artist Rico Tubbs cooks up some massive BRØKEN bass-science with his jungle-influenced original, Chemistry. Joining in on the alchemy is the unstoppable Russian duo Phlegmatic Dogs, who bring boiling-temperature grooves and banging house vibes. Warning: hazardous bass inside.